• work

    designs and develops award-winning portfolios + websites
    edits + sequences images for advertising + fine art
    builds promo campaigns for photographers of all genres
    creates + articulates personal branding for image-makers

    ideates motion + still shoots with photographers
    encourages creation of imagery that speaks in future-tense
    advocates for relevant images of women in advertising
    motivates visual artists through talks + one-on-one work

    speaks on the benefits + methods of creative experimentation
    internationally tours talks on visual marketing + development

    conducted idea workshops for getty images + corbis
    developed stock images with photographers globally
    presented to apa, asmp, aiga, capic, ppa + photoplus expo

    won awards from communication arts, luerzer's archive, graphis,
    western art directors club, addy + pdn*nikon

  • play

    can be inspired by a twig
    never remembers the punchline when telling a joke
    has yet to pass a baby or dog without doting on them
    climbed 18,000 ft. popocatépetl in mexico

    collects obscure music
    is a junkie for early, black and white foreign films
    owns a microscope, and knows how to use it
    feels most alive in nature

    always wanted to learn braille + sign language
    loves the raw power of a storm

    fascinated by the beauty in disfiguration
    is a sound artist in another life
    would rather be people-watching in a paris café

    will swim naked in any wild body of water
    can't imagine a day without laughter